Tailor-made online language lessons with flexible scheduling

We offer tailor-made English and Luxembourgish language lessons for all levels and all specializations; all online. Our flexible scheduling gives you the chance to plan your lessons around your daily engagements. Start within the following week after signing up.

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Dynamic Lessons

Your lessons will be taught by experienced teachers who are also native speakers. Dynamic and interactive lessons will guarantee you maximum speaking time and the most effective use of the target language. We want you to learn but also to have a good time doing it.

Flexible Scheduling

Our flexible scheduling gives you the chance to plan your lessons around your busy work schedule and other engagements. You decide when you want to have your lessons. We work with all online meeting platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Webex). We will always send you a lesson invitation in advance.

Creative Material

We create fun, creative yet informative material just for you based on your needs. We also focus a great deal on oral practice; speaking. We teach you what you need to be taught; lessons of use to you and your objectives.

Tailor-made Lessons

You tell us what you want and what you need. We build the course around your requests, needs and requirements making each course unique and made especially for you.

The lessons with Amira are always tailored to the needs of the student. Amira always makes the lessons interesting and not boring. She takes away everyone’s fear of speaking a foreign language and gives many tips on how to use the language in everyday life. You make progress very quickly because the lessons are adapted to weaknesses and strengths.

Stefan Mergener, Secondary Line Manager, Heintz van Landewyck

We cater to the needs of people in the professional world, private clients and students as well

We offer individual lessons for private and corporate clients. If you know someone who you want to take lessons with and who has the same level as you, we accept groups with up to five students. Every course is tailor-made to your needs and adapted to your requested specialization.

What You Get

Possible specializations

Meet Your Teachers


I have been a teacher for over 13 years and have taught all levels and specializations. My teaching style is dynamic and very creative. I truly enjoy making and using creative personalized material to ensure that my students feel listened to and have the best time possible while learning.


I have been a teacher for more than 10 years and have covered all possible levels, from complete beginners to high-level students. With my dynamic teaching style, I love focusing on the exact needs and/or problems the client might have. I try for every topic to be as much fun as possible, yet efficient and informative.

What We Offer

Language lessons

We offer tailor-made English and Luxembourgish language lessons for all levels and all specializations.

"Sproochentest" preparation

We can help get you prepared to take the Luxembourgish nationality test.

Luxembourgish Nationality Acquisition (24 hours)

If you have lived in Luxembourg for twenty years or more (the last year without interruption), you can apply for Luxembourgish nationality. All you need to do is complete a language course and have a minimum attendance of 24 hours. When you have a course certificate, you will be exempt from having to take a Luxembourgish language test or the “Vivre Ensemble au Luxembourg” course and/or examination.

I am really satisfied with my Luxembourgish lessons with Christian. His professionalism and the construction of his lessons motivate me to progress quickly. He helps me gain confidence in the practice of the language, which is not easy if you don’t have any German base. He listens to our needs and adapts to our rhythm. The video lessons are very practical, no need to go to a language centre at set times. I highly recommend it!

Julie Saurat

I had the pleasure of working with Christian in 2023 after completing a Luxembourg INL course and was still not sufficiently prepared to participate in the ‘Sproochentest’. Christian offered me an intensive, compact but very focused programme, where after an introductory talk, he immediately got an idea of the areas of focus I needed to focus on.
In 10 days, he prepared me and I successfully completed the test and can now apply for citizenship. Christian has excellent teaching skills and is extremely communicative and, not unimportantly, “easy going” with an infectious sense of humour.
So I can highly recommend Christian for anyone who wants to improve their Luxembourg language and take the citizenship language test.

Isolde Poncelet

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